Arrival in Venezia

After many months of waiting, the highly anticipated day of departure had finally come!

On Wednesday, April 13, my Mom, sister Lydia, and I departed out of the Kalamazoo airport at 1:30PM. We are doing some traveling together in Venice and Rome before I settle into Orvieto for my internship. I’m very excited to make some amazing memories with them before parting ways for three months!

We flew out of Kalamazoo, to Detroit, to Amsterdam, and then finally to Venice. After landing in Venice, we took a water taxi to San Marco, where our hotel is located. The boat ride took about an hour and a half, but I would take that over a stuffy plane any day! All in all, it took about 18 hours to arrive at our destination.

After being cooped up in the airplane and taxi for so long, we had a nice workout hauling our luggage all over Venice trying to locate our hotel. You never realize how much you’ve packed until you need to carry your bags up steps, across bridges, over cobblestones, and through narrow doorways. Suddenly, you’re questioning if you really actually need your laptop, 3rd pair of shoes, and notebooks after all. You also become very aware of how frazzled and, quite frankly, American you look with your baggy t-shirts and oversized bags. It seems that many European women somehow manage to maintain model worthy hair and makeup and wear a designer outfit while traveling, all while sporting stiletto heels and an unbelievably small luggage bag. It’s really very impressive.

We finally gave into buying the 3 euro map, which without, I’m sure we would’ve never made it. I do have to give a shout out to my dad, who has a slight obsession with maps. Thanks for teaching me how to properly read and use a map, or else your wife and two daughters might still be wandering around Venice, hopelessly searching for their evasive hotel. Thanks to our trusty map, (and my dad, lots of love), we found Ca’ Alvise.

Ca' Alvise
Photo credit to:

A beautiful hotel with ornately decorated rooms, and the most deliciously comfortable beds I’ve ever had the pleasure of sleeping on in my whole life. Okay, maybe we were just exhausted out of our brains, but they are very nice beds. Plus, they gave us a complimentary bottle of wine, so they’re cool in my book.

We proceeded to take a two hour nap, then sent off in search of dinner. We wandered for a while, found a decent looking place, and enjoyed pizza and pasta with Chianti wine for our first Italian meal.

Of course, we had to find gelato next for dessert! I spotted a shop in Piazza San Marco from approximately a mile away (I have excellent eyes for dessert). Mom got limone, lemon, Lydia got menta, mint, and I got cafe, coffee. A perfect way to end a long day.

Gelato 2


Tomorrow holds new adventures, as we continue to explore Venice and all its treasures!

Till then,



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